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Mr. Narendra Kumar Rath

Spinal Surgeon

The Walton Centre

Lower Ln 


L9 7LJ

Welcome to Cheshire Spine

Image by Jairo Alzate

I am Mr Narendra Kumar Rath, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, at “The Walton Centre”. My practice ethos is “Informed Patient is a Happy Patient” and I take pride in “Patient Centered Care”. (Read More - I want great care)


Welcome to my website

The inspiration to create this website came from a patient of mine who once said to me “Why don’t doctors use simple words?”. This is an attempt to simplify the spine and its associated symptoms. This website is not intended for those looking for more detailed and scientific literature, rather it is aimed for patients who would like to have a better understanding of their condition.


Any suggestions to make this experience better for yourself and future visitors are more than welcome and can be made through Suggesion@cheshirespine.

Areas of Expertise

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