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About Myself...

I am Mr Narendra Kumar Rath, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, at “The Walton Centre”. I was born in the tribal belt of Odisha (a province in Eastern India). My discipline in life comes from my parents who served in the Armed Forces. My parents’ constant relocation during the course of their work helped me to develop my inter-personal and social skills.


I travelled to the UK for higher surgical training after completion of Medical School in India. I was awarded Completion of Training (CCT) in Trauma and Orthopaedics from the prestigious All Wales Orthopaedic Training Programme. Higher training in spinal surgery was facilitated at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital (Oswestry). During my Fellowship, I gained experience in all forms of spinal surgery including deformity correction and minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Following my higher spinal training, I joined as a Consultant at The Walton Centre, which is a Centre of Excellence in Neurosciences. This gave me the opportunity to develop experience in the neurosurgical aspect of spinal surgery, and at the same time continuing to develop my Orthopaedic spinal skill set.


My practice comprises all forms of spinal pathology, both cervical and lumbar spine. I have a special interest in Endoscopic Spinal Surgery (Keyhole surgery), deformity correction, minimally invasive spinal surgery.

I was awestruck with the rich history and natural beauty of this region during my training. The legacy of sports (Liverpool Football and Rugby) has always fascinated me, and I enjoy following it. I would consider myself to be approachable as well as easy going towards life.

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