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Lumbar decompression surgery aims to open the carriageway for smooth running of the traffic (Understand Spinal Motorway). The procedure is done under general anaesthesia and requires a day or two stay in the hospital. Depending on the nature and degree of compression, bony resection might be needed to address the compression. The ultimate goal is to recreate the free-flowing motorway and thereby reducing the stenosis related symptoms (Read more).

Post-operatively, early mobilisation and rehabilitation is important, and you will be advised on physiotherapy exercises. I advise patients to take few general precautions, such as not lifting heavy objects especially while bending forward, and not to sit down for prolonged periods of time. As regards walks, I would suggest not to go for long walks in the first two weeks to avoid sweat collection around the wound. Thereafter, gradually increase your walking distance and activity under the guidance of your physiotherapist.   


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